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The Revision of the Air Passenger Rights Regulation: Better Protection for Consumers?

AK EUROPA, the Brussels office of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, in cooperation with BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, cordially invite you to their panel discussion on:

The Revision of the Air Passenger Rights Regulation:


Better Protection for Consumers?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 7pm

Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU
30, Avenue de Cortenbergh, 1st Floor
B-1040 Brussels

For almost 10 years, EU Regulation 261/2004 has outlined passengers’ compensation and assistance rights in case of denied boarding, delayed or cancelled flights.

While this law has clearly helped to improve the welfare of passengers, both they and airlines today experience growing unease with its practical application.

Passengers increasingly do not receive compensation from airlines for delays, cancellations or mishandled baggage, despite their legal entitlement, while airlines argue they sometimes must bear costs while not being responsible e.g. the 2010 ash cloud incident.

In March 2013, the European Commission proposed to amend the existing Regulations 261/2004 and 2027/97. Will it help solve passengers and airlines’ problems? First reactions indicate that both parties are sceptical and that a number of improvements are needed.


MEP Georges Bach, rapporteur, Air Passengers Rights Regulation review

Jean-Louis Colson, Head of Unit, DG Move, European Commission

Jan Rameken, CEO Germany, EUclaim

Sabine Hornig, International Air Transport Association

Ursula Pachl, Deputy Director General, The European Consumer Organisation, BEUC

Christian Schuster-Wolf, air passenger rights expert, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour

The discussion will be conducted in English and German with simultaneous translation.

Following the discussion, we invite you to join us for a buffet dinner.

Please register by 23 September 2013 at the latest, via the following link:

Yes, I will attend

No, unfortunately I am not able to attend

For further information:
Tel: 02 230 62 54
E-Mail: office@akeuropa.eu
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