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Modern-Day challenges for the European Trade Union movement

[04-11-2015 - 05-11-2015]
AK EUROPA and the ÖGB Europabüro would like to intive you to a high-level conference on Modern-Day challenges for the European Trade Union movement.

Rudi Kaske
President, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer)

Welcome address

Luca Visentini
General Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)

Introductory statement
Günther Oettinger (tbc)
Commissioner, European Commission

Part 1
Digital labour: It's getting crowded!

Rudi Kaske
President, Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer)
Martin Risak
Professor, University of Vienna

Modern forms of production have shifted from the factories and offices into the internet. Increasingly jobs are not performed by employees but outsourced to a larger number of people (the “crowd”) by means of an internet-based platform. These new labour processes fundamentally challenge the boundaries of (national) labour laws and its institutions: How can fair working conditions, living wages and social protection for crowdworkers and other digital workers be ensured? How can they organize for better working conditions? The sooner these problems are tackled the better the labour movement will be prepared to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Part 2
Ensuring worker participation 4.0

Stefan Körzell
Member of the Executive Board, Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB)

Nicolas Schmit
Luxembourg Minister for Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity

New forms of employment require new forms of organisation for the representation of workers’ interests. Trade unions are increasingly preparing for the profound changes in the world of work. What role do co-determination rights of workers play in the digital economy ? In an increasingly inter-connected global economy, can we still continue to ensure social rights on a national level or will the ongoing race to the bottom continue? Are there any prospects for an ambitious European level for worker participation rights in the internal market?

Part 3
The social dimension of EMU and Treaty Change

Erich Foglar
President, Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB)

Wolfgang Münchau
Op-Ed Columnist, Financial Times and Der SPIEGEL

The deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union will lead to greater economic and financial integration. Is this process conceivable without a fundamentally stronger social dimension? In their common contribution from June 2015, Sigmar Gabriel and Emmanuel Macron have laid out their arguments “why Europe must become a social union”. But what does that mean in practice? Will social standards in a deepened EMU continue to get squeezed or will it be possible to secure social rights on a European level? How can the crucial principle of “equal pay for equal work at the same place” be properly implemented? And while Cameron’s UK is putting together its shopping list: What are the demands of the trade unions in the event of treaty change?

Closing remarks

Rudy De Leeuw
President, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)


Petra Pinzler
Die Zeit

Conference languages are English and German with simultaneous translation.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015
14:00-17:00 / 13:00 Buffet Reception

Bibliothèque Solvay
Parc Léopold, Rue Belliard 137, 1040 Bruxelles


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