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Overcoming cleavages across the EU?

Launch of the ETUI/ETUC Benchmarking Working Europe 2017 report

Monday, 13 March 2017, 18h30  
Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU
Avenue de Cortenbergh 30
1040 Brussels

Although economic forecasts are predicting a somewhat more optimistic outlook for the European economy, seen in absolute terms there is little reason to be optimistic about the European Union's economic and social situation. What is more, the remains of the economic crisis are to be tackled in a climate of social and political crisis with the UK leaving the EU and populist parties gaining ground in many European countries. It is in this political climate that the EU is starting to put forward social concerns at the heart of its reflections on the Future of Europe.

As the analysis of this year’s Benchmarking report on the state of 'working Europe’ displays, through a presentation of the real facts and figures behind the EU’s continuing economic stagnation, its enduring jobs and labour market crisis, the decline of social dialogue and the squeezing of wages as well as the dismantling of collective bargaining, this concern comes somewhat late but it is of key importance in order for Europe to lay down the foundations for a sustainable and fair society.

Welcome address:

Philippe Pochet, ETUI, General Director, and

Oliver Röpke, ÖGB Brussels, Head of Office

Presentation of main findings of the Benchmarking 2017 report:

Maria Jepsen, ETUI, Director of the Research Department


Peter Scherrer, ETUC, Deputy General Secretary

Jeroen Jutte, European Commission, Head of Unit "Employment and social aspects of European Semester"

Zsolt Darvas, Bruegel, Senior Fellow

Ilaria Maselli, The Conference Board, Senior Economist


Aline Hoffmann, ETUI, Head of unit “Europeanisation of industrial relations”

After the event, we invite you to a buffet.

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